Get the Pay You Deserve for Your Work

Get the Pay You Deserve for Your Work

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Although Missouri is subject to laws that require overtime compensation to specific employees, some employers take advantage of their workforce. If you’ve been denied the proper overtime payment in Clayton, MO, contact the employment and business attorneys at Schaeffer Law. We’ll work hard to resolve your compensation issues. Get in touch with us now to learn more about our services.

Exempt vs. non-exempt employees

Are you concerned about your overtime pay? Whether you get paid overtime pay depends on if you’re an exempt or non-exempt employee. If you’re an exempt employee, your hours aren’t tracked and no overtime is owed, no matter how many hours you work. Common employees who are classified as exempt workers are:

• Administrative, executive and professional employees
• Computer professionals
• Outside sales employees

If you’re a non-exempt worker, you’re entitled to overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Talk to us about your wage violation case today to develop a strong case.