Don’t Get Punished for Doing the Right Thing

Don’t Get Punished for Doing the Right Thing

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Being a whistleblower can mean different things. You could gain the label when you refuse to participate in illegal activities at your job. You could get it after you write a note to your boss or manager with threats to expose their illegal activities to the government. You could even become a whistleblower after you report safety and health concerns to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

If you’ve been threatened or subjected to harassment, intimidation or termination because of something you’ve done that’s considered a whistleblower activity, turn to Schaeffer Law. We practice discrimination and business law in Clayton, MO. You can trust us to fight for the rights and protections you deserve. Contact us right away to find out how we can help you.

What has whistleblowing cost you?

After you blow the whistle on wrongdoing at your place of employment, you could face the following repercussions:

• Lost wages and earnings
• Lost standing or opportunities
• Denied promotions
• Emotional pain and suffering
• Physical harm

You don’t have to take those repercussions lying down. Hire our Clayton, MO discrimination attorneys today for experienced representation and legal advice.