DO NOT File Your Own Charge of Discrimination

Lately, I have been meeting with many individuals regarding pending charges with the EEOC and MCHR.  I commend these individuals for taking the initiative to do good research and take the first important step to having their employment issues heard.  Filing a charge is always stressful and time consuming.

That being said, these pro se filed charges are always too short, lacking in detail, and overall ineffective at mounting a proper case.  It is imperative that your charge tell a detailed story that compels the investigator to delve into the relevant nooks and crannies that house the important facts surrounding the treatment that motivated the unlawful conduct, which led to the filing of charges.  You must provide specific facts and allegations that guide the investigator to the proper destination.  Irrelevant or superfluous information should never be given.

In fact, I almost never see positive results from charges that originated pro se.  Involving legal counsel from the outset increases your chances of a favorable outcome exponentially.  We offer free consultations to discuss any employment issue, so there is absolutely no risk to getting my opinion.  If you think you may be the subject of unlawful workplace treatment, let’s talk about it.  Obtaining counsel will significantly increase your chance of prevailing.

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