Employment Law

Employment law is a wide area of legal practice, generally characterized by that which governs the relationship between an employer and an employee.  Whether we realize it or not, employment law affects our daily lives in many ways.

Schaeffer Law represents employees who have been the subject of unfair treatment or illegal activity on the part of their employer.

It is our goal to make your employment secure and fair, to preserve your employment in delicate times or when under attack, and to zealously pursue justice for those affected by employment discrimination, harassment, unlawful treatment, or wrongful termination.

Schaeffer Law has experience counseling employers in day-to-day labor law matters and providing representation in employment-related litigation before Missouri courts, state agencies, and federal agencies.

We provide two levels of representation for the businesses we have retained our services.  As your outside general counsel, we give you the attention you need when your business needs it by providing quick and clear answers to employment law questions that may arise at any moment, or by supplying employment contracts, severance agreements, or any other documentation your company may need.  In addition, we are able to undertake representation of your company when it is most in need of help.  Examples of these situations are representation before OSHA, the EEOC, the Missouri Commission on Human Rights, or the National Labor Relations Board, or the enforcement of non-compete agreements or other clauses within employment contracts.